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Dear Sir or Madam:

First of all, I would like to say thank you for spending your precious time to visit Axis Control (S) Pte Ltd website.

We really appreciate and hope that we will be given a chance to work together in one way or another. The following is a simple introduction of Axis Control (S) Pte Ltd and what we do.

We are the authorized distributor for the following products in the South East Asia regions: -

  • POSYS from Germany: The POSYS® PC-Bus, standalone Motion Controller.
  • PMD Motion Control from USA: Motion control chips sets for servo and stepper motor.
  • JVL from Denmark: Integrated  MAC Motor, Stepper Driver and Motor.
  • AUTOMGEN7 from France: Automation Software.
  • MAE from Italy: Electronically-controlled Precision Electric Motors.
  • Pittman from USA: Brush and Brushless DC Motors.

We would like to ask you to browse my principles' websites to explore the large range of motion control solutions we can provide you with.


Next, Axis Control (S) Pte Ltd also offers contract engineering and control of any small to medium sized Industrial automation equipment. We believe that good control system design and programming is imperative to the success of any small to medium sized Industrial automation equipment.

Well, as far as Automation is concerned, how the process may be automation is often not immediately obvious; this is where Axis Control can really look into it. Let us assess the manufacturing process, it could be that we have done a similar process, and have existing Automation solutions and will not have to invent a new system.

On the other hand, maybe we just have to be innovative. We can do that because that is our business.

Some of the services offer by us are as listed below:

  • Motion Control, Servo and Stepper Systems Implementation. Many industrial designers are concerned with controlling an entire process. Motion Control is our most important and influential aspect of complete machine control.  
  • Analysis of needs for each PLC control opportunity.Our PLC engineers are experienced in a wide variety of PLC systems including Omron, Mitsubishi, Koyo, NAIS, Allen Bradley, Siemens and others.
  • System panel design and component selection. Our panel designers are also experienced in designing panels to high degrees of sophistication.
  • Control panel building and wiring. We build panels using Himel, Legrand or even fabricated enclosures, usually including PLCs, Operator terminals, Variable frequency drives and other control components.
  • PLC programming and online real time simulation. We can place an engineer on site to provide direct help to any phase of the programming of a control system.
  • Electrical schematics and full system documentation. We will do all the necessary final coding program and electrical documentation as far as the customers’ project requirement.
  • Installation, supervision and testing. We can provide a field start-up team to do the final installation qualification and operation validation of the Customers system.
  • Engineering Parts sourcing. We do all kinds of electrical parts sourcing especially for the Factory Automation Industry as well as any others that are related to Engineering.
  • PCB Boards Repair. We evaluate and do repair of industry electronics PCB boards such as servo/stepper driver, inverter, PLC and power supply unit etc. 

If any of the services offer is of interest to you. Please feel free to contact me at hand phone: +65 9173 9938. I will be most glad to attend to you. Hope to hear from you soon - need your support earnestly.

Thank you,

Best Regards.

Your sincerely,

Patrick Yap


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