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Pittman Brush and Brushless Motors

Pittman Brushless DC Motors Brushless DC Motors (Pittman)
Brushless motor selection is made easy with the wide variety of slotted and slotless bldc products available from AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products. 19 different motor families are available in standard configurations which include 0.375" (9.53mm) to 5.25" (133mm) diameter motors, with continuous torque which ranges from 0.3 oz. in. (0.42 Ncm) to 832 oz. in. (587 Ncm) and wattage outputs of 2.5 to 1086. Customize with optional gearboxes, encoders, and brakes also available.
Pittman Brushless Slotless Motors Brushless Slotless Motors (Pittman)
These small, powerful slotless brushless DC motors outperform traditional motors where efficiency, size, power, heat, low EMI, low vibration, and noise are factors. They are ideally suitable for a wide variaty of high performance applications such as medical, business machine, marine, HVAC, appliance, motion control, and other technical and industrial products.
Pittman Brush Motors Brush Motors (Pittman)
Motor selection is made easy with the wide variety of products available from AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products. Many different motor families are available in standard configurations. These motors range in torque from 0.8 oz. in. (.568 Ncm) to 50.0 oz. in. (35.5 Ncm). Voltage options are from 6.00 VDC to 76.40 VDC. The table below provides a summary of the motor products, operating voltages, speed and torque ranges sorted by Series number. Detailed motor information is provided on the individual product sheets.
Pittman-Express Pittman Express
The PittmanExpress program lets you choose from a selection of over 100 quality Pittman motors.
Elcom SL series Elcom SL Series 3400, 4400, 5400
PITTMAN® slotless brushless DC servo motors provide smooth and quiet operation associated with slotless stator construction and exhibit the extended service life typical with brushless technology. These motors can power a wide range of applications for the data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor processing, and automation industries, among others.
Pittman N2300 Pittman® Series N2300
PITTMAN® brand ELCOM ST® “Series N2300” slotted brushless DC motors incorporate internal Hall sensor feedback for linear speed-torque characteristics, high starting torque, and variable speed control (with appropriate control electronics). Their 6-slot lamination design contributes to high power, fast acceleration, consistent operation, and long service life.
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