POSYS 1824-B v2.1=AIN0-10V

The POSYS® 1800-B AIN0-10V=(Analog input 0-10VDC) is a state-of-the-art 1 to 4 axes PC104-Bus motion controller supporting multiple host connection modes and motor types.


·        PC104-Bus

·        RS232/485

·        CAN

Supported types of motors (ea axis individually configurable):

·        brushed servo motors

·        brushless servo motors (internal and/or external commutation)

·        Microstepping motors

·        Stepping motors


·        Incremental Encoder

·        Auxiliary Encoder

·        SSI

Analog inputs: 8, 0V – 10V

Uncommitted Digital IOs: 8/8

Committed Digital IOs per Axis: 2x ±Limit, High Speed Latch Input, Reference (Home), 1x AxisIn, 1x AxisOut

Committed Digital IOs: 4x AmplifierEnable

Motor command signals:

·        ±10V

·        PWM sign/magnitude

·        PWM 50/50

·        Step & Direction

Update rate: 51,2µs/Axis, 256µs/4 Axes

Encoder input frequency: 8 Mhz
(supports TTL encoder and SSI absolute encoder (10, 12, 13 and 25 Bit Singleturn and Multi-turn))

Includes re-programmable FPGA to add custom specific solutions and enhancements.

Complies to RoHS specifications.