JVL Products


Stepper Motors

A wide range of stepper motors, from 18 Nm to 50 Nm. All designed by JVL for use with the entire range of JVL step motor drivers and controllers.

Integrated QuickStep Stepper Motors

A series of compact versatile Integrated stepper motors that meets almost any need for a compact stepper motor system. The force range is from 0.2 to 25Nm in flange size 17(43mm) to 43 (110mm)

Integrated MAC Servo motors

A series of compact, versatile integrated servo motors with many unique features. A module expansion module system, makes them easily adaptable to almost any application including RS232, RS485, USB, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus,Industrial Ethernet like Profinet and MODBUS tcp/ip. Wireless Bluetoth, WLAN and Zigbee systems. Power range is from 50W to 3000W.

Integrated and Non-integrated Stepper Motors Linear Actuator

A wide range of linear stepper motors, from 5 to 2700 N. Size 08(20 mm) to 34(86 mm). All designed by JVL for use with the entire range of JVL step motor drives and controllers. Also Size 23 and Size 34 with build in controller, PLC, RS485, wireless and industrial ethernet.

Drives and Controllers

Stepper Motor Drivers

A series of stepper motor drivers that meets almost all the needs for precise control of stepper motors, incuding mini-stepping with up to 25000 ministeps per revolution.

Stepper Motor Controllers

Stepper Motor Controllers with PLC, 8IO, analogue, encoder input and CANopen

Brakes and Hollow Rotary Actuator/Table

Electronic motor Brake for NEMA23 (57mm) and NEMA34 (86mm)

The electronic brake is designed and produced by JVL to be mounted on stepper- and servo motors that have NEMA23 and NEMA34 flange such as the MAC50-141 series of integrated servo motors and the series of QuickStep MIS23x and MIS34x integrated stepper motors. The brake has zero backlash and no auditory noise. It fits on all step- and servo motors with NEMA23 and NEMA34 flange and can from stock be delivered with different input and output shaft. Connection can be wire or M8 connector. Protection from IP44 to watertight IP67.

HDCT - Hollow Rotary Actuator / Hollow Rotary Table

Our new series of Hollow Rotary Actuators, HDCT, offer the easiest possible installation of rotary table applications. Depending on your application you can choose between servo and stepper motors – with or without built-in (absolute) encoders.

Encoders and Power Supplies


JVL offers a range of encoders. Both linear and rotating, Incremental, magnetic, absolute multiturn. SSI and BISS. JVL is Exclusive distributor for LIKA Electronics and Givi Misure rotational and linear encoders.

Power Supplies

A wide range of highly efficient switchmode power supplies for supplying the entire range of JVL integrated MAC ac servo motors and integrated QuickStep stepper motors.