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Automgen 8

AUTOMGEN is the reference for universal automation softwares. Created 25 years ago, the software has evolved to take advantage of the latest available technologies. AUTOMGEN allows the creation of programs with standardized languages (IEC 1131-3, SysML), simulation on PC, code generation and downloading for PLCs and other targets (Arduino, PIC, etc.). Automgen also allows the creation of local or over Internet scada applications and 3D simulations. Optional (adding functionalities directly usable from AUTOMGEN) - Automsim: adds Automsim Premium functionalities, - Automlab: adds numerical simulation (Matlab / Simulink type), - Automdaq: adds acquisition and signal processing (Labview type), - Pack SysML: adds the SysML language.

Automsim Premium

Automsim Premium is a software for creating and simulating diagrams for the following technologies: electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronic. Compared to its main competitors, Automsim Premium is a very low cost solution. Automsim is also usable (optionaly) within Automgen workshop.


Automlab is a software for numerical and physical simulation, it allows to create numerical and physical simulations by using the assembly of predefined blocks. The simulation may be realtime or dilated or contracted time. New blocks can be created by users. Simulation datas can be displayed on a graph and exported to Microsoft Excel. Automlab can be connected to the others Irai softwares: Automgen Automdaq, SysML Pack, Virtual Universe, Virtual Universe Pro.


Automdaq is a software for data acquisition and signal processing which allows, by using an assembly of predefined graphic blocks, to create projects for acquisition, signal processing and display of datas. Several daq card types can be used (National Instrument, Labjack, Arduino, etc.). The user can create his own blocks. The datas can be exported to Microsoft Excel.