The POSYS® 8xx-B Motion Controllers are x86-based PC104 cards that fit directly into a PC/104 connector. The POSYS® 8xx-B are used in the control systems for industrial control, automation and robotic applications. They are available in one (POSYS® 8×1-B), two (POSYS® 8×2-B), and four (POSYS® 8×4-B) axes configurations for either brushtype or brushless servo motors, a combination of both, for microstepping or steppers motors. The board is designed for surface mount technology. It is equipped with additional 512KB memory to store extensive motion sequences and/or motion trace information to perform complex motion profiles without interrupting the host and to store motion trace information to gather comparison values for system performance checks, servo-tuning, maintenance and diagnostics.

Me With 124 to 168 commands, depending on model, the POSYS® instruction set offers flexibility and versatility to software application programmers. Instructions are used to initialize and control the motion controller. User selectable profiling modes supported by the motion controller include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring and electronic gearing. The POSYS® 8xx-B accepts input parameters such as position, velocity, acceleration and jerk from the host and generates a corresponding trajectory.

The POSYS® 8xx-B series compact design allows you to pay only for what you need and to be able to upgrade easily if neceassary. The optional SYNC function allows the synchronization of additional cards within one system to the same servo cycle. Just insert additional cards to increase the number of axes and connect the SYNC IO (not available for stepper version). The serial interface allows direct connectivity as a standalone controller to which you only need to provide 5VDC for operation. 

Software supports all major OS for example DOS, WINDOWS (95 / 98 / ME / NT/ 2000 / XP), Linux.