SIKO Products


Fieldbus actuators

Fieldbus systems offer ideal digital networking of intelligent actuators or actuators with upstream automation systems such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and IPCs (industrial personal computers) etc. Nowadays developers and designers working in plant engineering not only have to give the right actuator the right mechanical and performance dimensions, and also have to be familiar with several systems and bring these in line with the requirements for use.

Analog actuators

In an industrial environment, DriveLine drives / actuators with an analog output are often used for automated format adjustment, stops, tools and valves or fittings as well as for many other comparable positioning tasks, in general and special machine construction, in assembly technology, handling technology, robot technology and on or in trade fair equipment and testing equipment as well as in process automat

Incremental actuators

With the spindle drive, incremental encoders are used as sensors for recording angle change and rotational direction and, in conjunction with mechanical units such as threaded spindles, also for recording linear movements. The technique used to determine relative angles is referred to as incremental encoding, unlike the encoding method used in single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders. Other names include incremental rotary encoders or rotary encoders.

Magnetic linear and angular measurement

Magnetic sensors

Magnetic sensors are hallmarked by robustness and cost efficiency. With their non-contacting design they are non-wearing and insensitive to soiling in comparison to optical sensors, for example. Magnetic sensors therefore only require little or no servicing. In addition they are more flexible during installation: The distances between the magnetic sensor and strip can be considerably larger than with an optical measuring system.

Magnetic Bands

Incremental encoding enables robust and economical all-round solutions in which, for example, the flexible magnetic strips can be cut to length before self-adhesive assembly. The magnetic strip is regularly encoded with north and south poles. The pole length is decisive for the maximum resolution and system accuracy. The shorter the distance between the individual poles, the higher the accuracy of the respective magnetic strip.

Magnetic rings

At SIKO the magnetically encoded measuring strips are available in two versions; as flexible magnetic rings without a flange or bonded with a magnetic ring (flange). When bonded with the ring, joints cannot be avoided that can cause measurement inaccuracies. To prevent this, SIKO has set up its own ring production in which the magnetic strip is first applied and then incrementally encoded. With the manufacturing quality of the magnetic rings, up to 360 degree measurement is possible.

Translation modules

A passive magnetic sensor of the MagLine range combined with an electronic SIKO evaluation unit acts as an active sensor and forwards its information to a higher-level control unit. With the aid of the electronic evaluation feature, specific parameters can be adjusted in advance to suit the specific application. For example, the required resolution can be easily set with the DIP switches integrated into the evaluation electronics. When selecting an active magnetic sensor without evaluation electronics, the resolution must be selected in advance and a corresponding sensor employed.